Year and a Day: Week 3

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ok, I'm hoping that this is not going to become the habit (writing about the previous class the day before the next one).  Last week was pretty easy-going.  Greyhart discussed with us Craft Names as well as Books of Shadows.  There's not much new that I can say about Craft Names seeing as how I'd already discussed that for the Pagan Blog Project, but I have yet to get into the topic of keeping a Book of Shadows, so there you go.   One thing I did learn was how Greyhart came by his Craft Name but....I don't think I'm comfortable talking about that on here.  For one thing, it's not my story to tell (obviously) and for another, I don't want to blurt something like that only to learn from him later that I should have asked his permission first.

Anywho, moving on to the BOS topic:

It's quite a familiar topic, but keeping a BOS is something I've never been good at.  If I use a regular bound journal, I have to write everything chronologically and hope that I can remember where it was that I wrote what.  If I kept a physical binder, I think I would like that option the most out of the touchable options.  I like the idea of being able to organize things to my liking with tabs to tell me what section I can find which topic.  However, I don't have anything right now that I can use for a binder BOS.

Another option, of course, is the keeping of a BOS on the computer.  There are many different options for that.  One could use a blogging site such as this one or even LiveJournal.  Even though things are still written chronologically, one has the use of Tags to keep track of different entries, which is definitely something I like.  If one doesn't want to use a website that, of course, relies on an internet connection (what if you lose internet at home or something?), one could make use of a desktop diary software such as Chrysanth.  However, my current favorite option for keeping a BOS on the computer is using Microsoft OneNote.   If you happen to have the Microsoft Office suite and you have OneNote, I HIGHLY recommend using that.

This was something that J and I suggested to Greyhart, who perked up with interest as we described its vast options for use.

I started a BOS on OneNote several months ago, but I haven't filled it out very much.    Here's a glimpse of part of my OneNote BOS:

I've got tabs for Correspondences (such as the Sunday Correspondences partially pictured above), Sabbats, Esbats, Chants and Songs, Rituals, Spells, Magickal Journal, and Herbs.

On the Correspondences tab, you can see that I've got Pages for each day of the week.  Thus far, I've only gotten Sunday done, but I'm about to start working on the rest of them.  The info I've been getting for the Correspondences section comes from Ellen Dugan's book,  "Book of Witchery".

So, that's about all for now.  I think I may start a BOS LJ to store info that I gather on my Microsoft OneNote BOS.  And, of course, this blog is also part of my BOS.   For now, I think I'm going to flesh out my OneNote BOS.


AstarteAlison Moon said...

love this post, I'm not so great at writing in my bos so maybe online might be a way of getting me to do it! Love your blog it's really well laid out and loads of interesting posts, if you would like to visit me back mine is, blessings, Alison xx

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