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Monday, December 03, 2012

It's 2:30am at this time. Druid, my beloved boyfriend, is out at his job and my poor eldest baby boy, Aspen, has gotten sick  :-(   I've given him a ginger tablet, had him chew on some mint gum, and gave him a cup of Yogi Stomach Soother tea.  Now all I can do is wait and see if it helps him at all and allows him to get some sleep.

This just sucks though. I friggin' HATE IT when any of my kiddos get sick even if it's just because their food didn't agree with their tummy. But, at any rate, Aspen will definitely be staying home from school tomorrow.  Good thing I already have the day off.

So, whoever is reading this, please send my little guy your good thoughts, positive energy, and prayers that he feels better ASAP.  I'm really hoping that he'll be able to sleep now that he's had some tea.  *crosses fingers*


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