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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

This first day of 2013 has brought me pride as a mother.  Aspen, Rain, and I have spent much of the morning and early afternoon talking about Paganism.  What started it was my watching this documentary about witches narrated by Leonard Nimoy called "Ancient Mysteries: Witches".

It's a wonderful documentary. It talks about witches in history both from fact as well as addressing how witches were so demonized; it talks about the witch hunts and, ultimately, ends with how witches are in the modern days.

Anyway, so I was watching this and Aspen and Rain had a lot of questions about the things that the show talked about, which also ended up going on to other topics like reincarnation and ghosts.  It was so nice getting to talk about these things with the kiddos. Even better, our talk seems to have renewed their vigor for learning.  Aspen especially was begging for "witch books" to read!  ^_^  Sadly, the only child-age "witch book" I have is a wonderful little storybook by Starhawk called "The Last Wild Witch".  I haven't been able to afford more children-age Pagan books yet, but that's definitely one of my goals as soon as I've got the money.

One book in particular that I am BADLY wanting to get is a book called "An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child".  I have seen some amazing reviews about it on and I think it's at the top of my "to get" list in regards to Pagan children's books for my kiddos.  There are some other books I'm interested in getting for the kiddos, but "An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child" is at the top of my list.

Aspen was even gung-ho to read some of my Pagan books. I had to explain to him that he wouldn't really be able to understand what they were saying; but his desire delighted me nonetheless, which I made sure to express to him.  

But all this childlike wonder and eagerness from him and Rain today reawakened my desire to teach my children the Craft.  It's still frustrating to not really know how, but whining about that isn't going to accomplish anything.  This presents me the opportunity of being able to learn right alongside them in hopes that, one day when they are grown, they'll be able to look back fondly and be able to refer to their childhood as being magickal.


Anne said...

This is a bit weird, I know. I've never stopped by your blog before today, but I wanted to offer: I have the 'An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child' book that I can absolutely send to you.

We were going to donate it to a local bookstore, but I would rather send it to you if you'd like it. I have other 'witchy' kids books that we are no longer using too that I can send on.

I would also suggest resources like 'Pooka Pages' or 'Pagan Moonbeams' or 'The Magickal Cauldron'. I have links on my site, but they were so nice to have when we started out!

Morgaine Kildare said...

OMG that would be WONDERFUL!!!!!!! :-D *uber happy dance* I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate that!

I absolutely LOVE Pooka Pages but I haven't heard of those other two, so I will definitely check them out! :-D

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