Our Family Goes to a Full Moon Ritual

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

It had been several months since we were able to attend a ritual as a family, and I mean a ritual not just meant for children.  In fact, the last adult ritual we got to go to was for the Blue Moon ritual that our local CUUPS chapter had.  It was a beautiful ritual and we had very much enjoyed ourselves, but one of my increasing frustrations with this CUUPS right now is the overall lack of family-oriented rituals in the face of all the ones where people would just rather not deal with kids.

Now, don't get me wrong:  I do sympathize and understand that there are times people would just rather not have to deal with other people's kids.  I really do.  But it was really starting to feel as though because there was the Pagan Kids Circle, that took care of the family-oriented stuff and they weren't really obligated to do much of anything where children would be welcome.  Which is fine in some ways.  I love the Pagan Kids Circles and I love how they are for the purpose of teaching Paganism on a child's level.  But come on!  Parents like Druid and I would still like to be able to attend rituals too and if you're in my shoes where the option of finding a babysitter just doesn't exist, then finding a family-oriented circle is the only option there is. And y'all would not believe how difficult it can be to find family-oriented circles or Meetups or anything like that.  Hell, I've even looked on Witchvox in hopes of finding a family-oriented coven to join.  No real such luck thus far.

However, we were recently introduced to a family-oriented open circle and they had a Full Moon ritual this past Thursday. Once I found out for sure that children were welcome, I signed us up for it.  They have a building in south Denver and when we got there that evening, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted for the people who welcomed us did so as though they'd known us for years. Aspen, Rain, and Sage were immediately drawn in and the people were so.  There was another little girl there and she and the kids hit it off right away. Before and after the ritual there were people giving Druid and I plenty of conversation, especially this one dude that Druid seemed to hit it off with.

I know I've already said it, but seriously, I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful all those people were.  There was not that feeling of mere politeness like what we got the last time we went to a CUUPS ritual.  As lovely as it was ( and I LOOOOOOOOOVED the outdoor patio where the Blue Moon ritual was done), that was an overbearing feeling I got -- that we weren't truly welcome but they wouldn't have been rude enough to say so outright.

I don't know.  I guess you can't click with everyone.

But these people?  Genuinely wonderful to us and that seriously makes me giddy to be able to say it  ^_^

So, the casting of circle was done to a chant by Starhawk (? I think?). It wasn't a chant I was familiar with, but I love chants ^_^  After the invocation of the elements and of God and Goddess, a meditation was done.  I really should have written about this sooner because I can't quite remember what the meditation was about.  After the meditation there was an exercise.  There was a little log on the floor.  A person was to step up onto the log and try to balance on it and rely on the aid of people holding them up to do so.  The point was about finding balance in our lives where balance is needed and not being afraid to lean upon those near us.

After this was Cakes & Ale and then the releasing of the circle.

A funny thing that happened at this point was that Sage, my youngest, had to go to the bathroom right before the circle was to be released.  Well, just as the circle leader began, starting with West of course, as soon as she'd called upon the element of Water to release it, Sage flushed the toilet in the nearby restroom.  The timing couldn't have been more hilarious and everybody had a REALLY hard time refraining from just cracking the hell up right there!

Overall, I know the details given are quite cut and dry and it doesn't very well convey the happiness I felt at getting to be at that ritual, nor do they convey just how much I'm looking forward to going to the next one.  But believe me when I say, that ritual was a breath of fresh air that I had been sorely needing.

And now, as I bring this particular entry to a close, allow me to wish all who read this a Happy New Year.  2013 arrived for us almost an hour ago.  I have so many hopes for this year, especially in regards to it being better than this last year was.  Don't mistake me, this year wasn't a TERRIBLE year, but there were definitely things that could have gone a lot better.  Part of it was needing to make better choices and I hope that I do better in that regard this year, especially where my being a student is concerned.  I hope to do better in progressing in Paganism.  I hope to be able to find a coven where I can study as an Initiate and begin truly progressing toward the Degrees.  I especially hope to learn better time management skills.

I hope that 2013 finds you all with good health and prosperity.

)O(  Blessed Be!  )O(


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I would have automatically failed at not cracking up! I'm just glad my co-workers are out so they aren't giving me funny looks now!

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