Squeee!!!! New Witchy Treasures!

Friday, February 08, 2013

I got my tax refund yesterday. Most of it went toward bills, but I got to take a trip down to Isis Books & Gifts to get a book that I've been BADLY wanting to read for months! Also, I was able to buy my first ever copies of both SageWoman and Witches & Pagans magazines!!  :-D

Here's some pictures what I got--the magazines I mentioned (sorry I can't place the pics better. I'm writing this with the Blogger Android app and it doesn't let me position pictures where I want them):

And the book is "The Goddess of Denver" by Paulie Rainbow:

I is a very happy Witch!  :-D I've already read the first couple of chapters and I am loving it! I'll write a full review when I am finished.  I just find it so wonderful to see a Pagan novel written by a local Witch!


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