After Almost 5 VERY Long Years.....

Friday, May 10, 2013

If you follow my Facebook page, you might have already heard my big news for the day:  Earlier today, almost 12 hours ago and after almost 5 years of waiting, I FINALLY was able to get my divorce!!! I seriously cannot even convey what a huge relief that is for me! So many times prior I had tried to get this thing going only to be shot down for one reason or another.

When I was living in Oklahoma, I'd tried several times to get the Legal Aid to help me, but they wouldn't.  Why?  Because they were only helping abuse cases, particularly cases of physical abuse and because pretty much the only thing my ex-husband DIDN'T do was beat the hell out of me, I was shit out of luck.  Didn't even matter that I was afraid of my ex somehow finding me. Didn't even matter the fact that my ex is a flaming sociopath.  >.<   Yeah, makes no sense for me either.  But none of that matters anymore, because my divorce hearing was earlier today and everything went well!

As anticipated, my ex wasn't there.  I don't know where he is (which is fine by me), so he wasn't able to be served in person; we had to go the Service by Publication route, which was doubly fine by me.  My ex isn't one of those who reads the paper much less the legal announcements.  ^_^

Druid was there with me, thank Goddess.  He didn't want to chance even the remote possibility of my ex showing up and thus my having to deal with him on my own.  We were there almost two hours and, barring the fact that I fidgeted nervously until it was my turn for the lawyer to talk to me, it was a very easy process.

And when it was all over, I have no doubts I looked something like the gal in this picture!

I am so relieved to have that gods-awful chapter of my life FINALLY closed!

To celebrate, I decided to re-vamp the look of this blog.  Today is the first day of my new life and I wanted my blog to somehow reflect that look.  It took FOREVER, but I was finally able to find a blog template that I like and voila!

In other news, I am pretty much FINALLY done with the Spring Semester (with the exception of one more Paralegal class to turn in my Take-Home Final that I have to do) and then I am off for the Summer!  :-D  Thank Goddess!!  I am NOT happy how the Spring Semester ended up for me. >.<  I'd started it so well, but when I got massively knocked on my ass by the bronchitis for over a month, it seriously screwed things up for me.  I went from having my overall grade in the high 90's to sweating over whether or not I was even still passing.  But, I'm pretty sure I passed well enough and I'm damn determined that the Fall Semester go MUCH better than the Spring semester did!  :-D


Bella Foxglove said...

Yay! I am so happy for you! I am so glad you are able to shut the door on that part of your life.

Glad you are getting a break for the summer! 3 more weeks of school for my kids and then *I* am free for the summer lol!


Wendy L. Callahan said...

Congratulations! I remember that feeling of freedom. :)

Morgaine Kildare said...

@Bella Thank you so much! :-D This is such a HUGE relief! My kids have about 3 more weeks too before they're off too! Granted, I'm going to be re-starting an old job this upcoming week, but it's going to be SO NICE to have to only worry about that and trying to gain some writing momentum over the summer! :-D

@Wendy Isn't it such a NICE feeling?? :-D Such a huge weight to be lifted off the shoulders! *happy dance*

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