ZOMG Treehouses!!!!! *spaz*

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My dream treehouse
I'm watching "My Cat From Hell" when a trailer for a new called "Treehouse Masters" (Click Here to watch the video) and OMG!  My inner-Elf practically SQUEEEE-gasmed!!!!  I freaking LOVE treehouses!

Being that I have kids, the idea of living in a treehouse is not exactly practical by any stretch, but you know what I would LOOOOOOOOVE to have someday?  I would love to have a tree-cabin for my writing studio!  :-D  A place where I can go and be in the trees and have my own space to settle in and let nature inspire me to write.  *le sigh*  That would be the total awesomesauce!  Some place like this would be perfect:

Ohmigods, I love this treehouse so much!  :-D It's so beautiful!

I have no doubts that my love of treehouses comes from my being an Elf.  From what I understand, many races of Elves lived up in the trees like this.  Hell, even the Elves in "The Lord of the Rings" books and movies lived up in the trees, particularly the Lorien Elves.  ^_^  Granted, obviously, I'm not a Tolkien Elf, but I loved the designs of the flets in the LOTR movies! They were so beautiful!

Maybe someday I'll get to have my treehouse writing studio. At this point in my life, it's not terribly likely, but it is a lovely thing to dream about.  Every person who loves to create in some form or fashion dreams of having that environment that will catalyze their creativity and make the inspiration wash over them like a waterfall that has been un-dammed. And I think I just discovered what my dream environment is. ^_^

How cool is this treehouse?!?!


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