Writerly Thoughts: Feeling VERY Twitchy!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

First of all:  Yay!!  I managed to change the header picture!!!  :-D    Easy for most people, but it took me a bit to figure it out >^.^<  So yeah, I'm feeling a bit geeky happy.  I am LOVING my new layout!!  Elf-girl is happy!!

In other news.....

I've been feeling twitchy for days.  Twitchy of the writing persuasion, and I'm glad for it, but it's a twitchiness I've not been able to quench.  I have been BADLY wanting to make some writerly accomplishments, but I still feel stuck!  I don't know what to write!  Please forgive the crassness of this comparison, but it's like being constipated.  Aaaaaaaaand that's as far as I'm taking that analogy.  Y'all can figure the rest out, I'm sure.  Perhaps a better analogy might have been the pressure that builds when you've got a kink in a water hose.  I don't know  o.O

It's like my head is full of white noise and hesitation.  I don't know where to begin.  Trying to break my writing inertia is like trying to get a steam engine going.  Breaking through that barrier of inertia is the biggest problem for me (as I'm sure it is for many people).  Once I actually get going, it's not quite so difficult.  But the GETTING GOING is just.......gah!  D:  

I haven't gotten to any writing exercises yet (fairly obvious).  With the last two weeks of the Spring Semester to deal with, I wasn't overly expecting to.  But now that it's pretty much over with the exception of one more thing for my Paralegal class (as I've already mentioned), my free time is going to be a lot more free for me.  Yes, I'll have work to contend with, but when I'm home, the only duty I really need to worry about keeping up with is contributing to the upkeep of the apartment.

I'm still working on culling down my time on Facebook.  I fully admit that I've still been spending too much time on there, but I haven't really touched any of the games in at least a week whereabouts.

I have one more assignment to complete, which is due on Monday.  I really need to get to that (it's a Legal Research assignment, which I am NOT looking forward to!) but I need to have that done.  Either before I do it or after, I want to try to complete a writing exercise.  I feel like if I don't do some sort of creative writing SOON, I'm going to go to pieces.  I'm glad I feel that way, but I want to find a way to take advantage of it lest that desire go slack with me nothing to show for it.

If anyone reading this knows of any other places to suggest that have good writing exercises, I would very much appreciate the heads up!  :-D

)O( Morgaine )O(


Bella Foxglove said...

Love the header!

Oddly enough, I JUST used the kink in a water hose analogy last night lol.

I totally understand the blockage. I have SO much I want to write, yet when faced with that white screen...my brain just goes blank!

I have cut out all my FB games over the last two or three weeks myself. I got tired of having to add hundreds of people to get anything done, so I got rid of the people and the games. Now I only have people I WANT to interact with there lol.

Glad things are wrapping up for you so you can have some free time!

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