Updating the Website

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It had been around 6 months since I last even glanced in the general direction of my website (Morgaine's Witchy Cottage) much less done anything with it.  That's something I would like to keep up with better too as I keep in the mindset of trying to keep up with my goals.

I posted a couple of updates in the Site News section of the Home page and added a little blog section -- My Tarot Journey -- in the Book of Shadows area for keeping a log of my (hopefully) daily Tarot readings/daily card pull/etc.  *crossing fingers*  

I hope y'all don't mind checking out my website.  It still has a long ways to go to be more fleshed out with the info I want to have on there, but I'm pleased just to have blown the dust off it a bit and to have added to it what I have.  :-)


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